Beautiful Broken Girls is “Robert Cormier at his best”

When this review (submitted to IndieNext) came across my email, I was floored and humbled. Here’s why:

Kim Savage has absolutely knocked it out of the park with this mystery. The story starts with the death of beautiful, over-protected sisters Mira and Francesca, drowned in the local quarry, and follows Ben as he receives letters that Mira (he dated her briefly) left for him the places that they touched. Ben is convinced that there was more to the sisters’ deaths than a simple accident, and desperately needs the letters to tell him the truth of what happened. The real beauty of this book is the way it sets up expectations–both for Ben and the readers–only to knock them down again and again. Savage has painted a vivid, realistic picture of a town and community: settings so real you’ll feel like you’ve been there; people as conflicted and complicated as any you know; goodness, badness, forgiveness, trauma, and imperfect loves; and terrible mistakes resulting in hurts that were never intended. She manages to put the messiness of humanity and our minds into an intricate story as successfully as Robert Cormier at his best. This novel is impossible to put down and utterly addictive!

Summary: Highly Recommending

–Ann Childs, bookseller at Odyssey Books in South Hadley, Mass.

Releasing a book is hard. You’re exposing your art to the world, and it is terrifying. When someone you respect gives you a thoughtful review, it’s like you’ve been lifted by the shoulders and set straight. Thank you, Ann, and all the awesome booksellers who share their love of books with careful words and sharp critique. I needed courage this week, and you had my back. xo!



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