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heaUSA Today’s Happily Ever After asked me along with several authors to write a piece of flash fiction (under 200 words) with a romantic theme. Because I think the most romantic thing in After the Woods is Kellan’s willingness to wait for Julia, this is what I contributed. You can find the whole article on USA Today now.

3ed1e1765e54c81037972e21f20302a1YOU AND HER

Dictated by Kellan MacDougall to Kim Savage, author of After the Woods.

For Julia.

I hook my thumbs inside my jeans pockets and scuff my sneaker and wait for the end.

From the shadow of my Jeep I watch you and her, on her rotted porch with its wheezing planks. She reaches stiffly and you fly into her, mashing your cheek against her green coat, and she holds you away, searching your face.

You break free and touch the bandage with your fingertip. Even with her face newly cut, she is beautiful, and your heart is newly cut, because now you know that she betrayed you, and you are beautiful with knowledge, and together you make a beautiful mess.

(I told you this, once. Lip tucked, you stared at the floor.)

And though other guys want her, I want you. You and her, you have this thing, and if you don’t let her go, we can never be a thing.

She slips inside that terrible house. You turn and clutch the porch rail. Your eyes roll up into the color of milk as you remember your time with her in the woods. When they clear, your eyes lock on mine, and you are done with her, and her end is my beginning.


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