The Blur That Was A Book Launch

A book launch is a funny thing. It’s thrilling, because you get to shove your art into the world and stand behind it, letting it fend for itself. It’s unnerving, because you’re exposed, a lot. It’s exhausting, because you’re “on,” all the time. It’s guilt-inducing, because you feel like you should be holed up writing your next book somewhere.

And, it’s freaking awesome.

Here are some snapshots of After the Woods’s baby days. Sort of a baby-book, without the measurements and milestones.

There was more: school visits and book clubs, all with crazy-smart questions from awesome readers and writers. Coming up, among other fun stuff: the Chicago YA Book Festival (April), the Boston Teen Book Festival (Sept), and the Boston Book Festival (Oct). In the meantime, I’ll be trying my best to enjoy every minute of my first-born’s first year. And if history repeats itself, babies 2, 3, (4,5…) will be lucky if they have a picture taken.

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