Sneak Peek Alert! Excerpt from Prologue of After the Woods

I promised it. So here goes:

I step closer. A light flickers in his eyes. Greedy. He wants us both, but he can’t hold us both. He imagines we’ll fight.
Liv’s eyes flit over my face. Pleading.
I rush him.
My fingertips graze his jacket as a glove clamps down on my ankle. I fall. My ankle snaps. The pain fills every space in my body. I hear someone howling. Me.
I turn my head. The view is different from the forest floor.
Liv rolls and scrambles to her feet. Liv is a powder blue smudge, running and falling and running, until the crashing fades.
The man stands over me, smiling. He has small teeth like a child.
“You’ll do.”

That’s all, folks! Unless, of course, you pre-order… *winks madly*

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